Hanni Named Gucci Beauty’s Latest Global Ambassador
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Hanni Named Gucci Beauty’s Latest Global Ambassador

THE WHAT?  Hanni, from K-pop group NewJeans, has been announced as Gucci Beauty’s latest global brand ambassador, expanding her involvement with the brand beyond fashion to now include cosmetics. This partnership builds on her previous role as a Gucci brand ambassador since 2022, highlighting a deeper collaboration with the Italian luxury house.

THE DETAILS  Gucci Beauty praised Hanni for her contribution to NewJeans’ international success and her alignment with the brand’s values, such as charisma and authenticity. The announcement was accompanied by new portraits of Hanni, showcasing her wearing various Gucci Beauty products, underlining her appeal and relevance to the brand’s core values.

THE WHY?  The campaign introduced Hanni in contrasting styles, from a minimalistic look with a soft rose lipstick to a bold red ensemble with a yet-to-be-released lipstick shade, demonstrating her versatility as a fashion and beauty icon. These images serve not only to highlight Hanni’s adaptability but also to promote Gucci Beauty’s new makeup releases, further cementing her status as a global style influencer.

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