Osea  Seeks Financial Growth Strategy
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Osea  Seeks Financial Growth Strategy

THE WHAT?  Osea, a leader in “clean” skincare, is exploring strategic financial options with Raymond James, with both parties declining to comment. This move follows a minority investment from Cavu Venture Partners in 2021, managed by Financo, now part of Raymond James, as Osea looks to expand its influence in the skincare industry, boasting annual net sales of around US$100 million.

THE DETAILS  Founded by Jenefer and Melissa Palmer in 1996, Osea is renowned for its commitment to natural skincare, utilizing elements like seaweed to embody its name’s representation of ocean, sun, earth, and atmosphere. After receiving investment, Osea aimed to use the funds for product development and international expansion, targeting a consumer base split between ages 25 to 34 and over 55, and highlighted by successful products like its Undaria Algae Body Oil.

THE WHY? Exploring financial options with Raymond James reflects Osea’s ambition to grow in the global skincare market, aligning with the beauty industry’s trend toward mergers and acquisitions. This strategic consideration suggests Osea’s positioning for further expansion alongside other beauty brands like Rare Beauty, which is also evaluating its financial future with Raymond James’s help.

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