Revolution Beauty Reports Strong Fiscal 2024 Outlook
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Revolution Beauty Reports Strong Fiscal 2024 Outlook

THE WHAT?  Revolution Beauty has announced its fiscal year update for 2024, revealing a strong operational performance and improved profitability, leading to an adjusted EBITDA forecast of at least £12.5 million and a 2% revenue growth. This positive revision follows the company’s Capital Markets Event and signals a successful strategic execution that exceeds previous financial guidance.

THE DETAILS  The company’s strategy to focus on its Masterbrand, core categories, and select geographies, alongside a £10 million cost-saving program, is showing signs of long-term profitability despite causing short-term sales impacts from exiting lower margin products. This approach aligns with Revolution Beauty’s goal of sustainable growth and improved financial health.

THE WHY?  Group CEO Lauren Brindley expressed optimism about the early successes of the company’s new strategy, including the positive reception from major customers and the progress of the cost-saving program. Highlighting significant sales growth in their core “Revolution” Masterbrand and the launch of a TikTok shop and an Amazon US partnership, Brindley remains confident in Revolution Beauty’s growth potential and its ambition to become a top player in the mass beauty industry.

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