Oriflame makes eyes at India’s youth market
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Oriflame makes eyes at India’s youth market

THE WHAT? Oriflame is hoping to appeal to India’s next generation of shoppers with a strategic initiative that is designed to target the country’s youth through an emphasis on both wellbeing and micro-entrepreneurship.

THE DETAILS According to a report published by Storyboard 18, the Swedish beauty brand launched the new campaign at a two-day conference held in Mumbai, attended by more than 1200 brand partners.

THE WHY? Oriflame SVP and Head of India and Indonesia, Edyta Kurek told Storyboard 18, “As part of our strategic transformation, we’re placing a strong focus on connecting with young, consumers conscious about their wellbeing. We understand the importance of wellness to today’s consumers. By aligning with these trends and values, we create a movement towards sustainable and ethical beauty wellbeing practices that resonate with the youth, offering products that enhance their wellbeing while empowering them to achieve financial freedom.”

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