L Catterton Partners to Acquire Stripes Beauty
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L Catterton Partners to Acquire Stripes Beauty

THE WHAT?  Naomi Watts and L Catterton have partnered to acquire Stripes Beauty, a brand founded in 2022 to address menopause and healthy ageing.

THE DETAILS  Stripes Beauty, which has grown through e-commerce and Amazon sales, will benefit from L Catterton’s investment to accelerate its growth both domestically and internationally. The partnership will support marketing efforts, team expansion, and the development of new products, including The Dream Date, a sleep support supplement. The brand will also expand its presence in DTC channels, Amazon, QVC, and Canada.

THE WHY? The acquisition aims to enhance Stripes Beauty’s position in the market by leveraging L Catterton’s resources to meet the increasing demand for menopause and healthy aging products. This strategic alliance will enable Stripes Beauty to scale its operations and better serve its existing and new customers under the leadership of Executive Chair Debra Perelman and President Cara Kamenev.

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