IFRA signs Antwerp Declaration – Global Cosmetics News
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IFRA signs Antwerp Declaration – Global Cosmetics News

THE WHAT? The International Fragrance Association has joined more than 700 signatories to the Antwerp Declaration for a European Industrial Deal, which calls for an EU industrial strategy to complete the EU Green Deal.

THE DETAILS The Antwerp Declaration calls on Member State governments, the next European Commission and European Parliament to undertake a series of steps to boost competitiveness, innovation, investment and reinforce Europe’s open strategic autonomy. The next European mandate will commence before the end of the year, with voters going to the polls in June.

THE WHY? Martina Bianchini, President of IFRA, explains, “The fragrance sector, while global, has a long and storied history in Europe. We are highly innovative, with 8 percent of revenues on spent R&D, and we are working on sustainable development with both synthetic, natural and bio-based materials.

“The production of fragrances in Europe is responsible for around 20,000 jobs in Europe with about 800 firms active in a market worth at least €8 billion. Keeping these highly skilled, culturally significant roles in the EU is essential for the sustainable future of our industry.”