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Silk Lashes- $200.00

Silk Very Volume Lashes-$225.00

The most natural looking Volume and Classic Natural lash Extensions available to you, don't go and get the heavy plastic lashes try our Silk lashes or Natural Mink Lashes for an amazing Look on your eyes! These are light and you will love your lashes. There is a maintenance to Lash extensions, they will need to be refilled in 2-3 weeks. Real lashes release from your lash line every 90 days and replenish with new lashes. Post care instructions are very vital to the longevity of your lashes.

Natural Mink Lashes- $200-$275.00

These are placed on one single lash, no gloopy glue or cluster lashes to irritate your eyelids.

They can look very natural to amazing and full!!!

Two week fills $50 and up

Three week fills $65.00 and up

these prices are depending on classic fills or volume fills.